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Education Summit 2023

18th October 2024 Business Design Centre, London



08 Aug 2023

Session announcement: Expanding into online learning

Session announcement: Expanding into online learning
Thinking about expanding into online learning? In this session at Education Summit 2023, Heather Rhodes, Principal of Harrow School Online, will discuss the transformative potential of online education and how it can open doors to new opportunities.

Before 2020, most parents may have balked at the idea of online schools – but the coronavirus pandemic quickly altered this consensus, with students and families worldwide growing more accustomed to online-only education.

Harrow School Online was created to bring a Harrow School education to the homes of pupils around the world. It opened in September 2020 and currently offers the following A-Level subjects: Maths, Further Maths, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics and Spanish. Unlike the traditional school, Harrow School Online is open to boys and girls.

The technology underpinning the online sixth form is provided by Pearson and allows students to take part in live online lessons, one-to-one academic tutorials and regular coaching sessions. There are also extracurricular activities, including chess club and art club.

Join Expanding into online learning to:

  • Discover the differences between bricks-and-mortar teaching and online provision, considering how to design for online.
  • Gain insights into best practices, useful tech and effective engagement strategies that foster interactive and enriching online learning.
  • Explore some of the pitfalls to avoid and the lessons that can be learnt from other institutions which have moved into online provision.
  • Review some of the questions you should ask yourself before taking the first steps into offering online learning.

About the speaker

Heather Rhodes is the Principal of Harrow School Online – the first purpose-designed, fully online British education from a leading independent school. Prior to this role, she worked at Harrow School for over ten years as both Head of English as an Additional Language and Academic Principal for Harrow School Short Courses.

In 2014, Heather set up an online English tutoring school and gained extensive experience in online teaching and teacher management. As a result of this, she became a strong advocate for the potential of technology to transform education.

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