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Education Summit 2023

18th October 2024 Business Design Centre, London



14 Aug 2023

Session announcement: The future of independent special education

Session announcement: The future of independent special education

Join this session at Education Summit 2023 with Amy Creatura, co-founder of The Hub SEN, for insights into the current state of education for SEN/D pupils and what can be done to improve it.

There are 1.5 million children in England currently recorded as SEN/D pupils, amounting to 16% of all pupils. On top of this, there is an unquantifiable number of pupils going through school with undiagnosed disabilities or special educational needs.

Evidence shows that SEN/D pupils often have poorer experiences in education than their peers and perform worse at multiple levels. Recent research from The Disability Policy Centre found that in some Local Authorities, up to 100% of students in Pupil Referral Units were registered as being disabled or having special educational needs. This alludes to an education system in which SEN/D pupils are being held back from reaching their full potential.

In The future of independent special education, Amy will:

  • Explain why the current special education model isn't working for children with SEN/D.
  • Look at emerging trends – e.g. the increase in EHCPs, the increase in mental health diagnoses, improving societal attitudes, Local Authorities pushing harder than ever for more affordable and effective solutions...
  • Explore how the independent sector could offer a solution.

About the speaker

Amy Creatura has a 15-year career in special needs education, with experience in front-line leadership and high-level strategy across complex education organisations. She is committed to improving outcomes for some of the most vulnerable children in the country and delivering the very best for children with SEN/D and their families.

Amy recently co-founded The Hub SEN, which provides expert consultancy and training to help schools achieve excellence in their SEN/D provision. The Hub is also contributing to the national offer for children with SEN/D by establishing a new schools group, with a new model of special education for children in the ‘missing middle’ – pupils whose needs are too complex for mainstream schools, but would be over-provided for in most SEN/D schools

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